Prodin's STRATIX Implementation Experience

Prodin has acquired extensive Metal Industry and STRATIX ERP experience through its work with Corus/Tata Steel Distribution and other STRATIX implementations.


We have been an experienced Invera partner since 2005 and have done the following STRATIX enterprise software implementations:


Tata Steel Service Centers:
Tata Service Centers is a full-line service center group that processes and distributes products such as coil, sheet, structural sections, bar, tube, and plate products. They provide a variety of processing services such as slitting, leveling, shearing, sawing, and a range of multi-step plate processes. The following sites were implemented:

• UK Wednesfield
• UK Flixborough
• Namascor Netherlands
• Vlietjonge Netherlands
• Unitol France


IMS Group:
• Austria
• Netherlands
• Germany
• Phase 1 Poland


AGI Group:
AGI is a steel plate processing metal service center that specializes in carbon and alloy plates. The following divisions were implemented at AGI :
• Artco Steel Plate, Ohio US
• Houston Blow Pipe, Texas US


STRATIX Project Management and Consulting Services
To choose Prodin as an Implementation partner for STRATIX, you will be provided with:
• A blueprint document of your business cases as a guideline for the implementation.
• Experienced business consultants within your line of business.
• Cost-efficient implementation with our implementation project approach.
• If necessary, a partner that provides document customization, STRATIX CSX development and integration services.


Alongside implementation we offer STRATIX helpdesk support.


Prodin provides the following services:
• Business Modelling
• Data Migration
• STRATIX Parameter Configuration & Setup
• Core Team Training
• End User Training
• Live Consulting Assistance
• Project Management/Administration
• STRATIX Document Customization
• Custom Reports
• STRATIX/CSX Application Development
• Third Party System integrations


For more information on STRATIX we would refer to the Invera website.


If you would like to know what STRATIX can do for your organisation, please contact us.