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Prodin Business Solutions develops, sells, implements and manages Prodin.

About Prodin

Our ERP solution Prodin is designed specifically for (technical) trade companies, (client order driven) production and assembly companies as well as service and maintenance companies.


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Prodin Business Solutions sells, implements, and manages the metal service center software STRATIX.

We provide implementations of STRATIX metal ERP in Europe and the United States for our Canadian partner Invera, the metal industry software company. STRATIX metal ERP is used by more than 14,000 metal industry users around the globe.


STRATIX is top-tier metal industry ERP software. It is used by metal service centers, steel service centers, steel stockholders, plate processors, metal distributors, metal processors, toll processors, building products distributors, and tube mills. STRATIX metal ERP addresses specific complexities in the areas of sales, multi-step production, inventory management, and shop floor operations for metal companies.


STRATIX metal ERP handles all metals carried by metal service centers such as carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, specialty metals, and titanium. It also accommodates all metal forms, including structural, coils, sheet, plate, pipe, tubing, bars, wire mesh, rebar, slabs, billets, blooms, fittings, valves, accessories, and basic materials.


About StreamServe

StreamServe offers you the best possible solution for your communication with business relations and employees. All business documents can be sent through StreamServe communication channels in the formats the recipient requires, using your corporate style and company logo, photos and bar-coding. E-mail, fax, SMS, PDF and of course paper can all be used as communication media.


Prodin Business Solutions has an OEM-Agreement with StreamServe, the global market leader in software solutions for Dynamic Document Composition, Management and Delivery. This lets clients automatically compose, personalise and distribute client-focused documents, in any format and through any distribution channel.